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The Artist's represented here are incredibly gifted, expressing themselves through their art in masterful and unique creations.  All of the work shown here is original and hand produced by the artists. All who are represented here share the love of these mountains, the earth and life itself. Most have found their way here from several locations but all live in the area and have made this their permanent home. Most work from studios on their own property, and have chosen to live off of the proceeds from the sale of their work. Supporting the work of local artists is a wonderful way to promote the art and culture of the area. If you can. try and come by the studio and see first hand the beautiful creations on display here. Most of the artists offer custom designed work as well.


Donald A Krebs - Renowned Wood Turner

Joleen Oh - Incredible Pine Needle Basketry in the Traditional Cherokee Style


Kathryn Pressley - Jewelry


Malti Turnbull - Incredible Pit Fired Ceramic Sculptures. Created from Heart and Soul




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